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Top Hats and Goggles

I like steampunk. Steampunk fiction is fun and exciting. The steampunk culture is unique, often surprising, and closely tied with making your own stuff (which is cool). Even steampunk fashion is oddly attractive. But there’s one component of about fifty percent of all steampunk costumes that I just can’t figure out: Goggles on top hats.

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There’s really no practical reason to strap one’s goggles onto one’s wide-brimmed hat. Presumably the goggles have some ostensible purpose for which our intrepid adventurer would need to don them over his or her eyes. Can someone explain how that would work?

How about an oversized hat with two eye-holes behind the goggles? Then you’d just have to pull the hat down over your eyes (Secret Squirrel style) to utilize the goggles. The again, how would you keep the hat from falling down all the time?

Sure, goggles make sense in a pseudo-Victorian, technological environment. A face full of steam can be damaging to the eyes. (Hmmm. “A Face Full of Steam”–that sounds like a good title for a steampunk western.) It just seems like the gentleman aeronaut would want for a setup that’s a little easier to access.

Of course, steampunk¬†aficionados¬†aren’t the first ones to utilize goggles as a functional fashion statement.

Gadget Hackwrench: Trendsetter?

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